About Me
Andrey Akhmetov

I am an undergraduate student at The Cooper Union in the Electrical Engineering Class of 2020, with a focus ranging from analog electronics to lower-level software and computer engineering. My coursework includes undergraduate chip design (VLSI), analog circuit engineering, signal processing, as well as graduate-level courses in machine learning, computer architecture, and computer graphics.

In 2018, I was a summer intern on Google's DoubleClick Engineering Productivity team in Kirkland. I will be returning to Google in 2019 to intern on the Google Cloud Storage Engineering Productivity team in New York City.

Before interning at Google, I was an electrical engineering intern at Totem Power where I designed power electronics including energy storage systems. I was also a student researcher at Cooper Union's Complex Fluid Physics and Engineering (CoFPhE) lab, where I designed electronic control systems and circuitry for autonomous model boats operating in complex fluid flows.

I am currently active on the planning board for the Create@Cooper organization, which organizes the HackCooper hackathon. In order to facilitate our Fall 2019 hackathon, I am leading a team of five students working on software tailor-made to our event's needs such as registration, judging, and day-of communication. I am also an active officer of the Cooper Union Rock Climbing club, where I am helping to organize events and outings.

I also served as the electronics design lead for the Cooper Union Hyperloop team during its first season. I am currently working with the Cooper Union administration to ensure an orderly handover to new team leadership and to ensure that the team is equipped with a solid organizational and safety plan.

My additional hobbies include various personal projects and rock climbing.