About Me
Andrey Akhmetov

I am an undergraduate student at The Cooper Union in the Electrical Engineering Class of 2020, with a focus ranging from analog electronics to lower-level software and computer engineering. My coursework includes undergraduate chip design (VLSI), analog circuit engineering, signal processing, as well as graduate-level courses in machine learning, computer architecture, and computer graphics.

In 2018, I was a summer intern on Google's DoubleClick Engineering Productivity team in Kirkland. I will be returning to Google in 2019 to intern on the Google Cloud Storage Engineering Productivity team in New York City.

I am active on the Cooper Union Hyperloop team as the electronics technical lead, as well as on the planning board for the HackCooper hackathon series. In order to facilitate the HackCooper event in fall of 2019, I am leading a team of five students working on software tailor-made to our event's needs such as registration, judging, and day-of communication.

Previously, I was an electrical engineering intern at Totem Power where I designed power electronics including energy storage systems. I was also a student researcher at Cooper Union's Complex Fluid Physics and Engineering (CoFPhE) lab, where I designed electronic control systems and circuitry for autonomous boats operating in complex fluid flows.

My additional hobbies include various personal projects and rock climbing.

Currently, I use Java, Kotlin, C, C++, and Verilog as my primary languages, and have basic proficiency with Python and JavaScript. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to pick up new technologies and languages whenever they are relevant to ongoing work.